IT Infrastructure

Professional Cabling

We specialize in the design and installation of cabling infastructure 

Fibre splicing

Fiber optic splicing is the process of joining two or more fibers together.

Infrastructure designs

We collect and analyze our customer’s technical requirements

System Planning

At JB IT Services, we envision and client’s need and come up with a plan

Security Systems


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance is an important tool to successfully monitor premises and deter crime

computerized door locks programming &installations

Provide your employees safe and secure access to your business by upgrading from your traditional keylock system

Electronic Automatic gates

JB IT Services has extensive experience providing end-to-end gate solutions

Electric Fence

As lways, we continue to provide reliable and yet great security products to our clients

Other Services

Designing domain/skills/website hosting and design information technology infrastructure and implementation VOIP and intercom services

Providing technical and advisory service for users and potential users of computers and other electronic or automatic equipment
Devising and supply programmes and other software for such users and the company as well engage in the development, distribution, sales and implementation of computer networks and the maintenance of software applications
Developing and holding public exhibitions of IT equipments and technologies, electronic machinery and appliances and to hire all or any of the property, apparatus or appliances of the company

Providing services of repairs, maintenance, routine inspection of all designed and Installed systems and desired by customers at large.